Spielewebsite „Beanies go to Hollywood“

Everybody’s got to have a hobby – whatever this may be.

One of my hobbies are beanies. The first little plush animals came to us when my son was still a small child, their number soon grew. To show them all on my website we began to take photographs of them. What leads to the second hobby, photography.

Well, you can’t really mug little plush animals in their natural habitat. This may work for dogs, cats or horses, but how am I supposed to photograph a shark, jellyfish or dinosaur? So I began to look deeper into photoshop. What leads to the meanwhile third hobby.

Now I was able to also present my underwater beanies perfectly. Nevertheless there was the problem of a natural habitat for a dragon or a dinosaur. That’s when I suddenly had the idea of putting a beanie in a film poster. First of them was Scorch, the dragon. “The desolation of Smaug” became “The desolation of Scorch”. Then very fast Catsby wanted to become “The great Catsby”, and the perfect poster for Hairy was also found very soon.

Of course now all my beanies want to become a film star, and so now and then I am sitting at my computer, grubbing in film posters and putting my little friends into the suitable films. I find this very relaxing – everybody’s got to have a hobby!

The results are far from being professional but nevertheless worth a look. That’s why I present them here

as Uncover game or as Jigsaw game.

If you like to share your own photos with your friends like that, here is the way to do it:

Mosie the yellow bellied slider

You can have an own game website starting with 3.50 Euro a month.

Follow the turtle

Mosie shows you what to do.